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Rip It Defense Pro Facemask

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Designed the correct way.

When a face mask is designed properly it becomes an integral piece of equipment that helps you make the play. With this in mind, we created a face mask that does not hinder your ability to see the ball, but still serves its purpose as a protective mask. The result is nothing short of visionary.

Long lasting looks.

Vision mattes on the field, but looks are an added bonus. The Defense fielder's mask is offered in five different color options that will go perfectly with any uniform. Not only will you be playing better, you'll be looking great too.  The bars of the Defense are colored using a durable powder coating that is resistant to chipping. The result? A mask with vibrant color that will have you looking sharp and stylish, season after season.

Our sights on improved performance.

Players and coaches worldwide are asking for vision. We have worked hard to give them exactly what they want. We know how important seeing the ball is in the game of softball, so that is exactly why we created fielder's masks with vision as our top priority. The result is the best softball fielder's mask that incorporates an open design, exceeding the vision expectations of players worldwide. 
The bars on the Defense fielder's mask are just out of sight, when worn properly, but in just the right place so they do not impact your performance. All of this gives players 180 degrees of vision with an uncompromised view of the field. 
Parents and coaches both agree that the Defense face masks not only offer unrivaled vision for players, but they also improve performance and confidence on the field. The Defense fielder's mask has become an essential piece of equipment. Once you use it, you won't want to play without it.

Lightweight construction.

The Defense fielder's face masks were designed with speed in mind. With an ultra-light construction, the Defense stays in place while running and makes you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. Because the Defense face masks are so light, they help fight fatigue and keep you moving quick when it counts most.

Adjustable width.

We know that one size doesn't always fit all, so we designed the Defense face mask in two sizes, with an adjustable width to fit the widest selection of players. We made this possible with the steel frame of the Defense fielder's mask. The frame is very flexible, yet remains incredibly strong. Parents can simply adjust the width of the face mask by expanding or compressing the Defense. The result is the best fitting fielder's face mask to ever hit the market.

Upgraded chin cup.

Another upgraded feature on The Defense is the chin cup, that is now better than ever. Re-engineered with upgraded velcro covering the entire backside of the chin cup, this allows players to attach it in a way that feels most comfortable to them. This high performance velcro is also more durable, and will last game after game, and season after season, giving you an infinitely adjustable fit.

Endless options.

Players who wear their hair in a ponytail will love how well the Defense softball fielder's masks fit. An extremely flexible head strap allows for a remarkably adjustable, yet snug fit. No matter what your hairstyle is, It keeps the hair out of your face, and keeps the Defense mask in place while running, so you can focus on the game. 
Since we are always trying to answer the needs of players everywhere, the padding on the sides of the Defense were designed to accommodate players who wear glasses on the field. Both the padding and our head strap give players the options they need so they can focus on the ball and the game.

Love it or return it.    

Love it or return it.

Seriously, we will buy it back.

Thirty days to buy, try, and decide.

When you purchase our Defense you have thirty days to try it to make sure it is perfect for you. If you love it, you will join the thousands of players who feel the same way. If you find that our Defense is not for you, then simply return it to us for a full refund. We even provide complimentary return shipping to customers in the United States. We believe buying new gear should be fun and risk free-- and we believe you will agree that "Love it or return it" is pretty awesome.

400 Day Warranty

Unlimited Replacements.

Service you can only find at RIP-IT.

The best customer is a satisfied one.

We believe our customer's warranty issues should be handled quickly and easily. Because we believe this, we built a company around the idea of servicing our customers to the best of our abilities. We created better service by offering our exceptional 400 day warranty with unlimited replacements, allowing products to be used in all temperatures, and provide complimentary return shipping both ways for customers in the United States. Our goal is to always make sure players have the RIP-IT gear they need every time they step onto the field.