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GRIP N RIP bat grip

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An improvement over the original Grip-n-Rip, the Grip-n-Rip II features a 10% larger design - better accommodating for batting gloves and larger hands. A larger through hole makes this Grip-n-Rip easier to get on and off. New material that is very durable and long lasting. If you are a fan of the original Grip-n-Rip you will love these! Available in 10 colors! Check out my new color, I call it #WTF. Why? Because I have no idea what color it is, it's sort of brown, or is it gray, I don't know but it's at discounted price. So if you don't care about the color this is the grip for you at a lower price and free shipping! Same quality, lower price on a color that I can't figure out!


  • Available in: Clear, Black, Red, Blue, Lime/Black, Red/Black, Green, Pink, White, Purple, Yellow, Orange
  • New Colors: Orange/Black, Pink/Black/Blue/Lime/Black, Black/Blue, Yellow/Black