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About Us

Inferno Sports and Athletics, LLC is a family owned and operated business that was created to bring the best and hottest softball products directly to the players who need them most. The company has evolved from working out of the back of a pickup truck to currently having a 20 foot trailer fully stocked and we are growing every day. Our goal is to build a complex that can be used all year round for players and teams to host tournaments at or to play league ball at. 

Every team does not get the opportunity to travel to worlds, nationals or states.  Therefore, not everyone gets to see all the deals that are out at the larger tournaments. That’s where we come in.  We are providing you with the products that the big name manufacturers bring to these large scale tournaments at a local tournament level.

As Inferno Sports grows we will be looking to host tournaments, sponsor teams, and become a household name in the softball world.  Look for our trailer at the next tournament near you. 

Hosting a tournament? Contact us to inquire about having Inferno Sports at your tournament for sales and bat testing.