2018 Miken Freak Big Cat Endload 20th Anniversary 14″ SSUSA - M20SSS

The Big Cat is back! Hit like Mighty Mike Macenko with the new Freak 14″ Big Cat, as this bat is purr-fect for the senior player wanting a massive, full ounce end load on an extended barrel.

Model: 2018 Miken Freak Big Cat Endload 14″ SSUSA Slowpitch Softball Bat M20SSS
Weighting: BigCat Endload (1oz Endload)
Barrel Length: 14″
Construction: 2PC Composite
Certifications: SSUSA, ISA
Technologies: Comp100, Triple Matrix Core, F2P
Notes: Proudly made in the USA.
Warranty: SSUSA Bats carry no warranty
Shipping: Free shipping to US